Iggy Azalea, an Australian rap starlet, attracted attention when she posed for a racy Instagram photo by spreading her golden blonde hair out on the pillow.

Iggy Azalea bared her famed curves for the world to see in a bed video

This week, the Australian rapper posted an Instagram photo of herself looking seductive, with her golden blonde hair fanning out all around her as she reclined on a nest of cream pillows with her headboard just about visible behind her.

Iggy showed off her toned arms and shoulders in a cute halter-neck black vest top with white text.

Iggy’s glam make-up look stole the show, but her waist-length curls were also a sight to behold among the faux fur pillows that adorned her bed.

Iggy applied dark pink blush to her cheekbones and closed her eyes as she smiled seductively for the camera, her lips a full matte pink.

The gorgeous video caused an immediate frenzy among fans, with one user dubbing the OnlyFans star a “baby” in response.

“GODDESS!” another person chimed in. while a third user simply said, “So in love” on social media.

This news comes after Iggy gave fans a preview of her upcoming album by tweeting: “This is probably the most pop rap record I’ve made since The New Classic.”

She added: “This year’s gonna be fun. I have two years’ worth of ideas baby!”

Her fans flocked to Twitter, with many pleading for her to collaborate with Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, while others pleaded, “Feed us mother!”

“We’re prepared!” Someone else spoke up, and a third fan stated, “We are seated and ready!”

Iggy’s last album, The End of an Era, was released in 2021, so it’s been two years since fans have had anything new to listen to. That means that everyone is ready for a comeback.