Fitness instructors come in very handy when that’s your goal, but you also need to do quite a bit of work on your end. You need to be able to continue your habits and truly integrate them into your lifestyle so you can avoid derailing during the holidays, travelling, festivities, and other events throughout the year.

For someone who’s going through this lifestyle change for the first time and wants to remain successful, here are a few tips to help you stay in shape during the whole year:

Stay Active

Staying active is key, especially during holidays, vacations and festivities.

It’s truly tempting to just stay inside watching TV, spending time with loved ones and eating delicious treats like there’s no tomorrow.

Instead, get up and engage in activities that will keep you on your feet and moving. You’ll have more fun, trust me!

Plus, if you’re away on holiday why not take advantage of the change in scenery to go for a run along the beach or in a nearby park. This will give you a great chance to explore while on vacation as well!

If you’re staying in a hotel you could even check to see if there is a pool or a gym. These can be a great place to work out when you’re away from home and you’re usual gym.

Have a Plan

Holidays, traveling, and festivities can be very disruptive to your schedule and your fitness strategies. That’s why you can never be without a plan, you could also benefit from hiring a local personal trainer 

Don’t stop looking for healthy meal options just because you’re not close to your own fridge. Oftentimes restaurants will offer a healthier option with salads instead of fries. By making simple adjustments to your meals while you’re out you’ll find it easier to avoid unhealthy fried foods that could throw your plans off track.

You can also arrange plans with a nutritionist ahead of time so that it is easier to navigate the confusing world of healthy eating at restaurants.

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that your brain can confuse thirst with hunger? This is one of the many reasons why you should remember to stay hydrated.

Remember you should drink 6 to 8 glasses a day to stay hydrated, so make sure you do your best to keep track of this. Also, drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before every meal or before having second helpings as this will help you control your appetite.

Exercise Early

The best thing you can do during the holidays and other times that pose a challenge to your routine is to make sure you workout in the morning.

No matter what, schedule your workouts at that time. You won’t only have more energy for the rest of the day, you’ll also avoid getting distracted by other engagements such as parties, tourism, events, or errands.

Sleep Well

During the holidays, it can be challenging to get enough sleep because there’s a lot going on and you’ll probably have a lot on your mind. Plus, you stay up late, and the next day there’s still a lot to do.

However, organize yourself well and make sure you always get as much sleep as you need without taking away from your time to be active and enjoy your free time.


Overall, staying in shape throughout the whole year is not impossible; all it takes is discipline and organization! Now that you have these handy tips you’ll be set to keep up with your routines while you’re away.

You can also ask your fitness instructor for advice on easy fitness routines you can adapt to your travels. This will also keep you accountable while you’re away as you’ll be able to discuss your fitness progress with instructor when you get home too.