Sava Schultz is now a multimillionaire thanks to the fact that she took the reins and started publishing her own graphic photos to TikTok and OnlyFans.

After a fraudster posted raunchy photos of a model on the website OnlyFans, the model’s devout family rejected her

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An OnlyFans star has spoken up about how a scammer’s sharing of sensual photos of her online led to the disownment of her by her ultra-religious family.

But 21-year-old Sava Schultz is taking matters into her own hands by creating and distributing her own racy content, which is earning her an average of £5k every day.

The blonde model admitted that her path to the modeling industry wasn’t always smooth.

The young model, then 19 years old, had intimate photos shot of her without her knowledge or consent by a trusted friend or roommate while she was attending college.

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Sava had completely forgotten that the photos had been shot until she discovered that they were being sold on a phony OnlyFans account.

She said: “No one was supposed to see them.

“Then my social media started blowing up and he started making money off those photos where you can see my chest. I wasn’t comfortable,”

“Then they were all over the internet, leaked on Reddit and my grandfather was the first to see them and he told my whole family and soon my whole hometown knew.”

Her relationship with her “super-religious” family became strained.

She said: “My family’s reaction shocked me, they even disowned me for a month and I left home.”

The young model’s relationship with her family is still difficult, and she claims her brother has entirely cut her off.

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However, after the uproar, Sava decided to take control of her own image and created her own OnlyFans page.

She stated: “I thought if someone is going to exploit me I may as well take control and make profit of my own images. Now the photographer’s photos are redundant as I sell my own”.

Sava now earns approximately £160,000 per month from the adult subscription platform. She also has 2.2 million TikTok followers and 1.4 million Instagram followers.

OnlyFans, however, is not Sava’s long-term career goal: “I love OnlyFans for the freedom and liberty I get and now I get to help others like my friends who supported me.”

“I want to go back to college and do a business degree. I know OnlyFans can’t last forever.”