Fans hailed Mikayla Demaiter, 22, as ‘utter perfection’ as she sat by the pool in a Baywatch-inspired red swimsuit.

Fans hailed Mikayla Demaiter, 22, as 'utter perfection' as she sat by the pool in a Baywatch-inspired red swimsuit.
(Image: mikaylademaiter/Instagram)

In a red swimsuit fit for Baywatch, a gorgeous hockey star sent hearts racing.

In Canada’s Provincial Women’s Hockey League, she played goalie for the Bluewater Hawks. But a career-ending injury forced her to give up the game.

Modeling was a lesser-required skill for Mikayla, so she turned to that instead.

As a treat for her 2.7 million Instagram followers, she wore a Baywatch-inspired red swimsuit.

She captioned the post: “Consider these photos my official overqualified application to Baywatch.”

(Image: mikaylademaiter/Instagram)
(Image: mikaylademaiter/Instagram)

A thirsty fan said: “We need a slow-motion video of you running on the beach.”

One said: “If you were on duty, the amount of people who suddenly forgot to swim would keep you employed for life.”

A third exclaimed: “Mikayla…If I were a painter… I would create a portrait of you and call it Perfection.”

(Image: mikaylademaiter/Instagram)

In a cryptic Instagram post in June, 2019, the gorgeous goalkeeper announced her departure from Bluewater Hawks.

“It is time to say goodbye to ice hockey,” the then 19-year-old wrote.

“There will still be early mornings, new adventures and new friends, and I hope that I embrace them with the same love and passion I did for you.”

(Image: mikaylademaiter/Instagram)

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