To make the communication happen, it must be a priority. If each member in your family is refer to focus on your own business, and sometime seems to ignore each other, surely will the communication be affected and you can see it for yourself that you’re losing the connection to your husband and children. Reduce your activities and try to find things that all the members in your family can take part in in order to encourage real communication.

Maintain family meals

Require every member to present at the eating table at least 4 times a week.

Sometimes things seem to go to the wrong direction, but you’re the one responsible for the schedule. Require every member to present at the eating table at least 4 times a week. If there’s anything coming into conflict with it, skip on it. Make eating together a priority. Turn off the TV while eating.

Set up individual time

If you have more than one child, you may fight with your children all the time. Spend some time on each child once a week. It could be half an hour, but make sure it’s not interrupted, just you and your child doing things she likes. This is the time your children know that they receive your full attention and they can open their heart to you. Dating with your husband is also important. Hire a babysitter a few times a week so that you two can go out to talk and relax. Think about it as marriage maintenance.

Take advantage of the time on the car

Keep your children occupied when traveling on car.

If you still drive your children to school or sport events, make it beneficial. Don’t turn on the DVD or let children play video games during the whole trip. Spend the time on encouraging them to talk or to play a silly game about everything you could think of on the road. You’ll feel the connection.

Create a family website

Your family may fall into the case of always spending time on the computer. If you can’t make them stop, join with them. Try making a family website. Post pictures, make blogs for everyone in the family and schedule activities that you all take part in planning. Make it an interesting online spot and allow every member to contribute and create.

Make family traditions important

If you had family traditions, don’t leave them in the past. Make sure that they’re appreciated and everyone enjoys them. If you feel like you need more traditional things, ask your children to suggest ideas about things the whole family can do together, things that all the members can expect for. Traditions can be simply a together bicycle ride on Sunday mornings or a normal family movie night.

Expect and express respect

Your family deserves more respect from you than any other.

One of the hardest things about communication in term of a family is that you’re so familiar to each other that you feel irresistible in treating each other without respect and not being aware of the individual limits. Before you talk to your husband or children with attitude, ask yourself whether you would talk like that to others. Your family deserves more respect from you than any other. Even when you’re disciplining on your children, do it with respect. In turn, make it clear to your husband that you also deserve to be respected.