Many parents struggle with the need to protect their children while still respecting their privacy. However, when the safety is the most important thing, parents need to know how to give their children space in the established boundaries without damaging their trust. Read on to learn how to protect your child’s privacy.


Talk to your child about using the computer to online. Discuss about the hiding online dangerous, and teach your child how to surf the internet safely. Reach compromise that while the computer must be used at a center location in the house, you won’t violate his privacy by reading his personal emails.

Stop your child from locking the bedroom’s door. Many children pull back to their bedroom so that they can be alone. Make compromise with your child that if the door is closed, there will be no one who enters the room without knocking the door first.

Make your child feel safe. Kids tend to keep secret if they feel that their safety is threatened. They are more likely to keep secret if they feel that their parents are going to be crazy for that. Explain to your child that secrets can be hurtful and when you may not always be into what they say, you’re always there to listen to them.

Teach your child that saying no to adults is still fine, even to you. Respect your child’s privacy when he wants to use the bathroom alone or change clothes by himself. Even a kid likes the modesty and privacy. Help your child understand that parents, teacher and doctors always ask for permission before touching, examining or looking at the child in a way that he may feel uncomfortable.