According to new data, Aston Villa Women’s striker Alisha Lehmann has been voted sports’ biggest crush, with the footballer garnering the most Google searches over a two-year period.

Alisha Lehmann has been named the most popular woman in sports after research revealed she was the most Googled athlete

(Image: @alishalehmann7/Instagram) 

Lehmann has over 13.3 million Instagram followers, and she alternates between personal photos and Villa training footage. A recent series of photos featuring the singer with a busty ex-WAG received over 1.7 million likes.

According to Spin Genie’s analysis on the number of Google searches followed by the word “hot,” no one came close to Lehmann. There have been over 491,000 searches for the blonde celebrity in the last two years.

Emma Raducanu finished second in the rankings, although she was about 150,000 searches behind Lehmann, who had 360,630 searches.

Raducanu has struggled to recapture the form that catapulted her into the British public’s consciousness in 2021, when she stunned fans with her Wimbledon run and US Open victory. Camila Giorgi and Serena Williams are third and fourth, respectively, behind Raducanu.

(Image: @alishalehmann7/Instagram)

Giorgi, a lingerie model, recently appeared at Roland Garros, where she nearly beat Serena Williams to the podium, with the Italian receiving 251,400 searches to Williams’ 249,500.

Alex Morgan completes the top five, and both she and Lehmann will be back in action soon at the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The festivities begin in Australia and New Zealand next month, when New Zealand plays Norway in Auckland.

On Friday, July 21, Lehmann will make his debut for the Swiss against the Philippines. While Morgan’s US forces begin their operation against Vietnam the next day.

Morgan and Lehmann are the only two footballers in the top 25, with tennis being the most popular sport, with seven stars on the list.

Ebanie Bridges ranks 14th on the list, however this could be attributed to the research being conducted over a two-year period.

Bridges’ popularity has only grown in the last year, with the Blonde Bomber winning her first World Championship and opening an OnlyFans page.

  • Ellyse Perry, 117,100
  • Danica Patrick, 137,600
  • Paige VanZant, 160,300
  • Alica Schmidt, 170,500
  • Maria Sharapova, 175,700
  • Alex Morgan, 182,800
  • Serena Williams, 249,500
  • Camila Giorgi, 251,400
  • Emma Raducanu, 360,630
  • Alisha Lehmann, 491,100