This Fashion Nova model dazzled Instagram followers by wearing a tiny dress with enormous cutouts, but others couldn’t help but fear that she would have a wardrobe malfunction.

Model risks wardrobe breakdown thanks to “too much confidence” in cut-out dress

(Source: Instagram/@sephoramn⁠)

The arrival of summer also marks the beginning of the season’s customary scorching weather.

And this indicates that the fashion-forward individuals among us will be stocking their closets with an abundance of tiny dresses.

However, the possibility of having a wardrobe malfunction increases significantly with the diminutiveness of the garment.

A stunning model for Fashion Nova wore an extreme cut-out dress when she went out later that evening.

In spite of the fact that many people were taken aback by her attractiveness, many couldn’t help but be concerned about her nipples falling out.

Model Sephora Maria Noori appeared in the video that was shared with Fashion Nova’s 21 million followers on Instagram.

She was seen posing in the rear of the car as the camera moved up past her long pins.

Her ample cleavage was exposed, and the material came dangerously close to covering her nipples.

The model with the dark hair leaned forward while wearing an asymmetrical dress that included a cutout portion on her breasts.

She completed her outfit by accessorizing with gold jewelry, heels with sparkles, and a glamorous makeup application.

“Sending Chills Down Your Body,” was the caption that was written on the official Fashion Nova Instagram account.

The “Cut Me In One Shoulder Mini Dress,” which can be purchased for the price of £18, undoubtedly sparked quite the discussion in the comments section.

“I’m asking you in all seriousness because I really want to try on the outfit. The shoes!!”

“Sis appears to have an unhealthy amount of faith in that dress.”

“Think I saw a nippy.”

“Absolutely stunning.”

“What kind of tape would be best for holding natural breast in place in this dress?”

“Your clothing choices are a little too ‘daring’ for my taste.”

“There’s no way that dress is comfortable to wear.”