Lottie Moss, Kate’s younger sister, caused a stir over the weekend when she stepped out in nothing more than a skimpy ruffled swimwear.

Lottie Moss looks hot in a swimwear that is held together by string as she removes it to top off her tan

Lottie Moss, younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss, bared all while tanning in her extravagant garden over the weekend.

Lottie took advantage of the sunshine by sunbathing in her garden while wearing a white coord.

The blonde bombshell swiveled away from the camera to flash her perky derriere, getting her adoring fans all worked up.

Her tight swimwear top, which featured a lacy design held together by laces, didn’t give much away.

The trousers complemented the top by having a ruffled design at the waist, drawing attention to her hourglass form.

Lottie closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head to show off her toned stomach.

She pulled her blonde hair back from her face into a ponytail and struck a pose to draw attention to herself.

She simply labeled the photos “Sunday,” and her adoring followers immediately flooded the comments section.

Because of the strain of long distance, Lottie and her boyfriend, Australian model Daniel Steel, just broke up. He lives in Perth, while she is in London.

She just shared her single status on the Headstrong podcast. We’re no longer together.

“It was long distanced, and it was just too difficult for me. He was happy to give it a go, but I wasn’t feeling that.”

“I wasn’t up for moving here and I was planning a move to Los Angeles at the time, and he didn’t want to move there either and I didn’t want to live in Perth, so it was like, where is this going? I am single now and ready to mingle.”