Ex-WWE star CJ “Lana” Perry has “broken the internet” with her topless photos and is now making a name for herself on the festival circuit.

WWE superstar CJ “Lana” Perry breaks internet with topless festival photo

(Source: Instagram/@thecjperry)

The former wrestling star has since become a festival regular, attending and posting photos from festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach while wearing very little clothing.

“Lana” Perry posted a photo dump from her recent excursions to Coachella and Stagecoach amid rumors that she was returning to the ring.

Almost two years have passed since Perry’s final appearance as Lana in the WWE, a tag team loss on the May 31, 2021 episode of Raw.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose beat Perry and her companion Naomi.

Since then, her return to the ring has been the subject of much conjecture, with some even suggesting that she could be joining her husband Miro in the AEW.

CJ asked, “Do you want me to suplex @thejuliahart for touching my husband on @aew or should I cast a spell on her???” in a video she and her husband featured in.

While the Total Divas star is keeping unusually busy, CJ has made it clear that she wants to return to the WWE and would even shut down her social media website if it meant getting that opportunity.

(Source: Instagram/@thecjperry)

She has been on the festival circuit recently, so there are photos of her in a see-through dress, a topless photograph, and a few bikini photos in addition to those from her private business.

She exclaimed, “Finally recovered from Coachella & StageCoach & I need a spicy margarita asap,” adding: “Where am I heading to next????? Let me know would you rather hear me talk about these adventures on twitch or a podcast????”

According to OutKick, “There’s a reason she’s pushing 4million Instagram followers and her bio reads content creator before it says former WWE Superstar.”