In her most recent Instagram post, Kayla Simmons shown a high degree of audacity and risk taking.

Kayla Simmons’s shirtless photo may lead to a major wardrobe malfunction

(Source: Instagram/@kaylasimmmons)

Even Kayla Simmons, the “world’s hottest volleyball player,” was about to give her millions of fans a lot more than they asked for.

Simmons, a former college volleyball player for Marshall University, is not shy about baring as much skin as possible in provocative outfits as her bikinis and crop tops allow.

But even by her extremely racy standards, she took matters into her own hands with her most recent update.

Simmons wore tan boots with white tennis socks and a long, loose white blouse.

She opted to ditch any additional bottomwear, so that was all she was wearing.

(Source: Instagram/@kaylasimmmons)

Thankfully, her shirt was long enough that she didn’t risk embarrassing herself in front of her 994,000 Instagram followers.

Compared to the usual photos and selfies she posts online, this one was a refreshing contrast.

She usually makes sure her breasts are a focal point of every picture she takes.

She is always fielding inquiries about her bust, from whether or not it has had cosmetic surgery to how difficult it is to play volleyball with them.

Naturally, she is sick of the first inquiry and is tired of saying she is “all natural” with “zero silicone” in an attempt to deflect further inquiries.

A smile may appear on her face, though, if her time spent playing volleyball is described alongside her breasts.

(Source: Instagram/@kaylasimmmons)

“It is funny because in middle school, I really wished to have small boobs.
In response to a very brave admirer who inquired if her breasts ever got in the way, she answered, “They sure did,” during a question-and-answer session on her YouTube channel.

“It would have made everything easier for volleyball. But I did not get that wish. You can’t jump as high, you can’t run as fast and everything is harder.”