Every relationship has a trouble. Sometimes, it is just a little thing such as arguing about dinner or watching TV. In addition, there are some serious signs to show the end of relationship. But not all serious problems mean relationship has ended. You should make sure that you are not too hasty with your decision. Your lover and you can discuss any issues that you are facing.

Every relationship has a trouble.


See if communication is the problem and see if you are still contacting each other. If the contact has ended, this is an important sign that your relationship is coming to end. It means not only talking but also sharing. Opening together is a main key for any relationship. If both of you keep things as your secret, that is an alarming sign. Therefore, when you and your lover cannot open up each other, your relationship has finished.

When you and your lover cannot open up each other, your relationship has finished.

See whether both of you can believe together or not. Obviously, the trust is all, but the fact that you cannot believe anymore means everything is ended. If he does not believe you anymore, it is not a true relationship. You cannot live with suspect about his words and actions. You always feel that he is doing the same thing to you.

See if you can ignore the previous mistake. If you yourself cannot learn any lessons from the mistake, the same things can happen with your partner. You just keep repeating those problems and do not change anything. This process showed no benefit and you have reached the top in the relationship. It will not further develop and will go down.

See if you are always angry and jealous with him. If he continues to make you disappointed, you are no longer remember the good characteristics that you love from him. Basically, you can overcome the bad things. You can create a list of good time or bad things. You should wonder that you are really happy with this or not. Is this good for you both?

It is difficult for him to have sex with you; as a result, there is no sex in your relationship. If you and your lover have no longer make love, the fire and passion can be lost. Sometimes, there are many reasons, such as physical problems, so you need to know the reason.

It is difficult for him to make love with you.

You realize your lover is not willing to improve. If he stilldoesn’t overlook problems in the past, it was clearly seen that it is time to go ahead. Any relationship must be developed. Moreover, if his actions still hurt you, he does not want to improve this. He continues to promise but does the opposite things. He is giving you false hope and it’s time to move on.

Do you want to change your partner? It is a very clear sign that he is not the person you thought you are going to get married or date first. The false hope has become reality.

Make sure that he is not abusive. See if you have been abused physically or mentally. This is a sign to withdraw from the relationship. Let’s retreat and hopefully he’ll get the help.

Hestarts to forget about you and be with you less. He is always busy working and doesn’t remember any anniversary or birthday. Basically, he becomes spellbound everything except you. Do not terminate the relationship if he just happened to do this once or twice. Maybe he is a little stressful. If this becomes normal, this is no longer a loving relationship.

Advice and warnings

  • Be strong
  • Think how to get everything smooth
  • Do not keep hatred in your mind