On Tuesday, Lottie Tomlinson treated her 4.8 million Instagram followers to a new set of revealing photos.

Lottie Tomlinson poses in scanty yellow lace underwear for a steamy Instagram session, showcasing her toned body

 Lottie Tomlinson flaunts her toned body in yellow lace underwear in a steamy Instagram post

The 24-year-old influencer looked stunning as she posed in sexy yellow lace lingerie in a London hotel room.

The single mother managed some sexy poses to show off her toned and tanned body.

Lottie was beaming with self-assurance as she stood on a balcony and undressed in the warm Spring sunshine.

The blonde beauty was recently photographed having an argument with her boyfriend Lewis in the heart of London.

Lottie and Lewis, both 30, share custody of their son Lucky, and they appeared to be having a heated discussion.

While talking to his 2020 girlfriend Lottie, Lewis gestured wildly in the air.

‘There were no tense conversations and they are happy’ Lottie’s agents said when asked for comment.

In honor of Lottie’s sister Daisy Tomlinson’s birthday, the couple had a night out without the kids.

Lottie and Lewis’s son Lucky was born on August 9, 2022, and they shared the happy news with the world in a charming Instagram post.

Her sister Phoebe also confirmed the news that they had a son, and she posted a photo of Lucky with the caption “dreams do come true.”

Lottie and Lewis, a retired tennis star, announced their engagement in July of 2020.

It is said that the two became close after sharing their sorrow over the deaths of their families.

Lewis’s ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack passed away in February 2020, and she recently lost her mother and sister.

Félicité, Lottie‘s younger sister, died at the age of 18 from an accidental drug overdose, three years after their cancer-stricken mother Johannah passed away.

At a gathering given in May 2020 to commemorate three months following Caroline’s untimely loss, sponsored by Lou Teasdale, 36, Lottie is said to have gotten to know Lewis better.

After spending time together at a gathering at Lou’s house in late July of that year, a source said exclusively that “Lewis and Lottie have grown close after spending time together at a party at Lou’s house.

‘They have been meeting up in secret for weeks but their newfound friendship hasn’t gone unnoticed by mutual pals.

‘Not all of Caroline’s friends are happy with how the situation appears to be developing but can understand that both Lottie and Lewis have been there for each other as a shoulder to cry on.’

Caroline, age 40, committed suicide in her London home just days before she was to stand trial for abusing Lewis, her 6-month boyfriend.

In December, the TV host was detained and charged with assault after allegedly striking the model in her Islington home.

Lewis ultimately decided to abandon his assault charge against Caroline, but authorities continued to investigate the matter, and the two were ordered to stay apart.

After an inquest, the coroner determined that Caroline had committed herself after learning that she would be criminally prosecuted for abusing her partner.