Unfortunate reality shows not every marriage is happy. Pressure from work, money, children and life in general might cause direct affect to your marriage. If your husband is not happy at home, he can change his behavior when talking about his difficulties. The signs might be lacking of communication, not usually staying at home, and not interested in sex life.

He never stays at home

He avoids spending time at home

If your husband devotes himself to work, there are no worries about having extra works sometimes. However, if it happens too often, at weekend, and he leaves home before you get up in the morning, it might a sign shows he is not happy. Avoid spending time at home does not mean he is having an affair, clearly conclusion, but it shows he needs space and time to stay away from you.

He stops communicating

He does not want to communicate anymore

Communication and expressing feelings are two most important features in a happy marriage, and when it decreases, it could never be a good sign. A healthy communication includes sharing feelings, telling how your day was, sharing dreams and targets. If he tells you to shut up and keep silence about his thought or need, it can be a sign he is not happy at home.

He shows no interest in sex

He has not touched you for a long time

A healthy sex life is very necessary to keep a happy marriage. There is no need to worry about the fluctuating within the specified period, but it is not good if he is not interested in sex with you at all. If he does not touch you for a very long time, take chance to get close to him. If he refuses, you should be worried.

Threaten to leave

He said he needed some space

Argument in marriage is completely normal, but when they cross the limit, this should be considered. So during that time, your husband starts saying “I do not know if I can do this any longer” or “we should have some space”, that can be a sign he is not satisfied and thinking about divorce or separation. Sometimes, one couples use this kind of language or drama, but it can show a more serious problem.

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