On the first day of the work week, Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts appeared at the Heart Radio studios in London wearing matching sets of white pants and tops by Reiss.

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts recall the uncomfortable moment they walked up to the Heart Radio studio in matching white outfits

Amanda, who is 52 years old, paired her outfit with a pair of white stilettos, while Ashley, who is 41 years old, wore a pair of bright red heels.

In typical Ashley and Amanda fashion, they took charge of the uncomfortable situation by making a humorous Instagram video in which they mocked themselves.

Finally, after three and a half years of working together, Ashley Roberts and Amanda Holden showed up to work wearing the same clothing.

Awkward! The pair, who are known for their stylish work wardrobes, arrived at the Heart FM studios in London on Monday wearing the same white fitted Reiss co-ord

They joked that after thousands of clothes, they both showed up to work in the same one, and they discussed it live on air with their co-host Jamie Theakston.

Returning from a vacation in Dubai, Ashley said, “Guess what for the first time ever in what about 4 years, me and Amanda Holden are wearing the same outfit.”

When asked if they were different, Amanda just said, “We’re in white and it’s the same, we are identical.”

Then Ashley joked, “We’re twins!” …and Amanda chimed in, “It’s hysterical.”

Jamie remarked, “Not just the same colour, like literally the same outfit.”

They parade about the office filming an impressive video montage before the morning broadcast.

Amanda wore large sunglasses and a long cream coat to finish off her ensemble.

Ashley, meanwhile, wore chic red sunglasses and a handbag with gold accents.

This follows Amanda’s sassy remark last week on air, when she tried out the “pickle” challenge that has gone popular on TikTok.

On her morning show, the diva and her amused co-host Ashley Roberts participated in the viral challenge.

Amanda, while live on air, snacked on a Van Holten’s Hot Pickle, part of the current “Pickle Trend” of eating giant pickles from jars.

Amanda seemed to like the challenge, as seen by her sassy remark, “I’m accustomed to bigger,” while sampling the pickle.

Foregoing the food, she remarked, “It smells amazing… I’m gonna drink the pickle juice. Tastes a bit like the sea but with chilli pepper in it. Now let’s have a look at this baby.”

When asked about it, Ashley said, “Woah!

“I’m used to bigger, I’m going to say… Oh my god it’s gorgeous.”  Amanda said in response. Wow, that’s great!

And then, “I feel like you’re quite enjoying this, Amanda,” the Pussycat Dolls singer said.