The reality actress uploaded an Instagram photo diary of her day after declaring in January that she will no longer be participating in The Only Way Is Essex.

Yazmin Oukhellou of TOWIE sunbathes in Dubai during her lunch break and puts on a pretty busty display to show off her tan

Yazmin Oukhellou of TOWIE displays her impressive breasts and tan while sunbathing while on her lunch break in Dubai

She has relocated back to the UAE and is now working in the real estate industry there.

Then on Monday, Yazmin Oukhellou sunned herself in Dubai during her lunch break and put on quite the show, baring all.

At first, Yazmin sat back and relaxed in a revealing zigzag print bikini that did little to hide her breast implants.

After taking several photos, the stunning Essex native went back to her workstation, where she changed into a low-cut cream crop top and continued taking photographs.

This follows her departure from the ITVBe reality show a year ago to pursue a real estate career in Dubai.

It was recently discovered that Yazmin’s shocking departure from TOWIE was in part due to a “hidden rivalry” she had with her former TOWIE co-stars Junaid Ahmed and Dani Imbert.

The Sun reported that the reality star quit the popular ITVBe show about six years after she first joined.

It was previously speculated that Yazmin would not return for the upcoming season in order to deal with the “trauma” of losing her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean, and it is now believed that a conflict with her pals played a role in her decision to leave.

In the midst of their heated argument, Yaz and Junaid have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

‘Yaz has fallen out with Junaid and Dani and no longer follows them on social media, while they have also unfollowed her,” a source told the publication.

‘The reason for their beef is a bit of a mystery, but it’s been rumbling for a while and things got pretty toxic.’

The fact that Yaz didn’t want to film with them was a factor in her decision to leave Towie, but it wasn’t the only reason.

“After what she has been through in the last year with the crash and losing Jake, she doesn’t want that kind of friendship drama in her life.”

Seven months after narrowly avoiding the vehicle tragedy that killed her ex-boyfriend, Jake McLean, she has decided to go.

In the month of July in Turkey, Yazmin was a passenger in a horrible crash when Jake’s blue Mercedes E class saloon careened off a cliffside road and into a ravine in Bodrum.


Jake drove off a cliff in Bodrum, Turkey, killing himself and his on-and-off girlfriend.

Yazmin told The Sun that she climbed down a cliff while covered in blood and with a broken arm to escape the crash, an ordeal that left her scarred for life.

Yazmin said she had trouble sleeping and sought counseling after being told by physicians that she had been lucky to survive the catastrophic accident because she couldn’t fathom why she had been granted a second chance at life.

The woman explained her heavy bleeding by saying, “I severed an artery and a nerve, that’s why I bled so much. The doctors called me an angel, a miracle, because it’s a notorious spot and people have never survived.”

“Now I’m just wondering how the hell did my partner die while I’ve survived? It’s made me look at life totally differently”

It has been alleged that Yazmin was forbidden to attend Jake’s burial since his family held her responsible for his untimely death and claimed the couple had been bickering right before the car disaster.