One of the most difficult things that anybody would go through in life is breaking up a long-term relationship. The woman in this story is lamenting the fact that her marriage has ended. It is slightly different than other divorces, however, because she was married to a pirate who had been dead for centuries.

Amanda Teague had a ceremony to wed the 300-year-old pirate ghost that was performed along with an impersonator of Jack Sparrow. Incidentally, her husband is also named Jack. They were married in 2018 in a private ceremony in international waters off the coast of Ireland. It was the only way that she could make the marriage illegal. The ceremony was conducted by a shaman priest.

Now that a year has passed, Amanda is claiming that the marriage is over.

“So, I feel it’s time to let everyone know that my marriage is over,” the mom of five wrote on her Facebook page, according to the Irish Mirror. “I will explain all in due course but for now all I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality, it’s not something to mess with.”

She claims to have met her soul mate in 2014 when he appeared next to her as she was lying in bed.

“He is dark-skinned and has jet-black hair, so he tells me,” she said. “I told him I wasn’t really cool with having casual sex with a spirit and I wanted us to make a proper commitment to each other. I wanted the big traditional wedding with the white dress. It was very important to me.”

Amanda revealed the news about the divorce and has since dropped her married name. She is now going by Amanda Sparrow Large and she talks about what caused the breakup.

“I wish I never got married to him. I wish I was that healthy person that I was before I met him,” she said in her first interview since the announcement. “Jack has turned what was a beautiful and loving relationship to something that is ugly.”

After marrying Jack, she began having health issues, She felt that he was ‘stealing or draining’ the energy from her and using her for his own intentions. Now that the marriage is being desolved, she is considering an exorcism.