The “world’s hottest volleyball player,” Kayla Simmons, recently astonished her followers on Instagram by posting a photo of her perky posterior with a hint of sideboob.

Kayla Simmons celebrates 1 million Instagram followers by flashing her pert derriere

(Source: Instagram/@kaylasimmmons)

The college volleyball star turned model has gained fame for the racy photos she shares on Instagram, where she has over a million followers.

Recently, she reached a big milestone, having amassed one million followers on the social networking platform.

The Florida native celebrated the milestone by posting a revealing photo of herself lounging on a sun lounger, breasts and all.

The caption: “had to crop my toes out” has been liked over 29,000 times since it was shared on Friday, May 26.

One commenter said, “Kayla’s doing it right,” while another said, “Kept the best in.” Her comment section was a veritable plethora of praise.

One more commenter, clearly irritated by Simmons’s decision to cut off her toes, raged, “YOU NEVER CROPPED THEM OUT BEFORE.” YOU JUST BEGAN DOING IT NOW TO TORMENT US.

(Source: Instagram/@kaylasimmmons)

After playing volleyball at Marshall University, the alumna decided to enter the modeling industry, and she quickly became an OnlyFans celebrity, amassing nearly 220,000 likes on her page.

Even though she had already achieved a lot as a member of Marshall University’s volleyball team, being a model wasn’t a walk in the park for her.It would have simplified the game of volleyball significantly.

However, my wish did not come true. Everything is more challenging; you can’t jump as high or run as fast.

(Source: Instagram/@kaylasimmmons)

According to Simmons’ bio, “this is where wifey gets wild… it’s me, i’m wifey,” fans can subscribe for free.

Her ample bust is the subject of many of her social media posts, and she frequently fields concerns about its authenticity.

“It’s funny because I always wanted small boobs in middle school,” she laughed.

Simmons put an end to the rumors by confirming they are true during a YouTube interview, in which she also revealed her secret boob-related childhood fantasy.