Viewers of the BRIT Awards have criticized host Mo Gilligan for his questioning of Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock about her parenting skills.

Angry viewers of the BRIT Awards take Mo Gilligan to task for his insensitive question to Leigh-Anne Pinnock

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For the second year in a row, the 34-year-old comedian hosted the glamorous awards bash, but this time, his comments left fans fuming rather than laughing.

The 31-year-old Leigh-Anne was there to present the British Group award, which was won by the band Wet Leg, and she became the target of his ire when he turned his attention to her.

Twins were born to Leigh-Anne and her footballer fiance Andre Gray, 31, in August of 2021, but the star was clearly absent without her children.

Mo questioned the singer: “Who is babysitting tonight, because tomorrow’s Sunday? Are you going out? Having it large?”

A number of viewers, however, took to social media to condemn the comedian and defend the Little Mix star, claiming that his comment was sexist and a reflection of a deeper problem with society’s treatment of women.

As one dissatisfied viewer put it on Twitter: “Turned on #BRITs to see an atrocious little man asking Ellie Goulding about her breasts, turned off. Turned it on again to find another atrocious man asking Leigh-Anne Pinnock who was looking after the baby. Sexist p***k bingo card looking pretty full.”

Another asked: “mo asking leigh anne who’s looking after the children is literally so annoying when women are constantly reduced to being questioned about motherhood their whole lives. it’s not like she was a part of the biggest girlband in the world or anything? #Brits2023.”

The tweet of a furious viewer read: “So, Leigh-Anne Pinnock gets asked who is babysitting her kids, but Stanley Tucci is not asked this. Wonder why. #BRITs.”

Mo had a rough time of it as he presented the 2023 event, mispronouncing Lewis Capaldi‘s name when he brought the singer out on stage.

Lewis, whom Mo mistakenly called “Sam Capaldi,” responded by Photoshopping a photo of himself into Sam Smith’s jaw-dropping red carpet outfit.

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Because of production issues, the host had to use old footage from 2022 instead of newer material from the present day.

Some of the awardees may have caused trouble for Mo and the TV network ITV by using profanity while accepting their prizes.

Champion of the Dance Field Becky Hill used the word “s**t” during her acceptance speech and later admitted she was worried she had completely botched the whole thing.

A confession from her was finally made public: “I feel like I f**ked it right up.

“I want to check Twitter to see what people I’ve never met before’s opinions are on it. It’s a lot.

“I’ve just had one of those days today where nothing was going right and I was sat at the tables and I thought ‘I’ve got this one I’ve got a feeling’ which is weird because I have the best feelings in the world so I don’t know why I doubted them.”