Bruised From Bitterness

-Every once in a while I meet someone who is harboring an incredible amount of bitter energy. Their face is usually wrinkled prematurely and rarely do they offer a kind word!

The bruises that bitterness leaves behind can become so nasty that it may seem next to impossible to heal them – it is not!

You see, bitterness sucks the life right out of you – not the person you’re actually bitter with. When your energy is exhausted in negative ways you are left withering in the corner, alone. People become bitter for numerous reasons – usually because they feel someone has wronged them.

When and if this sour puss called ‘bitterness’ enters your heart you must release it – – – for your own sake (and for the sake of those around you!).

What can a bruised ego or ill feelings do for you- well, it can discourage you from appropriate behaviour. It can lead to unnecessary conflicts. It can deplete you of energy and emotion. Worst case scenario, it can rob you of relationships and moving forward in your life.

In order to release the burden of bitterness you must accept that whomever you feel wronged by have moved on. The person does not care! It’s only you who chooses to suffer, silently at times.

There is a vicious cycle involved when it comes to this topic. Bitterness and resentment and anger do not equal a good time, let alone a good life.

Forgiveness is what you need, not to say you think what happened was acceptable – but that you forgive the other person, allowing yourself to release the hold that your painful feelings have on you.

My manifesto is this: “It is not the bitterness that will kill ya, but the pain you bring into all other relationships that will leave you lonely.” I came up with that statement after a long coaching session with a client I was working with. Unfortunately, the client had a history of carrying bitterness and pain around with her because of childhood abuse she had survived. It wasn’t until I repeated that statement a few times that she had her “a-ha” moment. What happened next was incredible.

When you recognize the pain you create for yourself and those you love by harboring sour feelings you immediately notice how quickly you must change.

I recommend getting raw and real with yourself. Soul search and ask yourself why you feel wronged, why you are so angry and what you are going to do about it. Write it down in a journal, clear your mind with time spent in nature. Reconnect with yourself on a level you have never experienced before. Dive into a juicy book all about self-love.

Bruises eventually heal – but it takes action and time to heal from bitterness which has settled into your heart.

I believe that all of you deserve to be in control of your own lives and taking action today will make tomorrow a little better.

Healing from bitter feelings may seem difficult but what’s worse is living an angry and resentful life – losing out on the numerous opportunities before you!

What will you choose today?


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