The Crib that killed our baby girl


Do you really know if the crib you own or want to buy is safe for your child? Esther and Gideon Roseman have been through what no parent should have to face.

Last April, Esther put their seven-week old baby Grace down for a nap in a second-hand co-sleeping crib, only for her to never to wake up. The crib, which is designed to be placed next to a parents bed, has a moveable panel on one side which Grace managed to lift her head over, cutting off oxygen to the brain. In last week’s hearing, the coroner blasted the manufacturer Bednest for not doing enough to ensure safety recalls were communicated to owners of their cribs, and warned many more infants could still be at risk.

Esther and Gideon Roseman want to warn other parents of the dangers of the bednest.