Made a Mistake But I’ve Not Created One..keep your Nasty Comments To Yourself

Here’s to clear the air, the nasty comments and unacceptable stares. I’ve failed but I’m not a failure I’ve made a mistake but I have NOT created one.

The child I bring into this world is not a mistake but a blessing from God, it will be filled with love, joyful at all times and compassionate to others.

I don’t have all the answers and I don’t know the first step to being a mother but I know how to love a child unconditionally.

I may have lost everything around me and a bit of my self along the way but I trust in the movements of God to show and lead me where to go.

I will fight for what I know is right in my heart to provide, love, and show the way for this child. I’m not going to give up this fight because of what others say, I don’t feel it at times but I know deep down inside me there’s a strong woman who can do it.

I failed but I am not a failure. I made a mistake but I did NOT create one.
A beautiful strong loving joyful caring and compassionate baby blessing!

A beautiful post from a young woman on Facebook.

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