I Need to Share..This is the Importance of Child’s Car Seat

A mum in the US, Kylee Barrett, is sharing pictures of the damage done after her car hit a patch of black ice and smashed into a tree.

Her sons, Kolton 5 and Hunter 2, survived the accident and were treated for broken bones and cuts. But the image of their car seats is one that is sticking with her and thousands of others after she shared it on Facebook. 

It is very possible that her children would not be alive if it wasn’t for their car seats. 

Kylee, along with car safety campaigner, Heather Viers, is urging parents to check their car seats to ensure they are installed correctly. In this case, the little boy had a rear facing seat. But the women want parents everywhere to make sure all baby seats fit right and fit well.

“Tou don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your child safe. Get your car seats checked. Use it properly every.single.time. The life of your child relies on it.”

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