To Any Parent Who Thinks They Know Person Watching Your Babies

Anna Dailey
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by Anna Dailey

To any parent who thinks they know the person watching your babies while you work to provide for them, let me just say watch out for signs before this happens to one of your babies.

I only worked a 7 hour shift this day and somehow in those short 7 hours our sweet and happy baby endured pain that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.. to wonder why your baby won’t stop screaming that ends you in the ER only to have a doctor come in and look at you and say,

“momma you might want to sit down for this”

To the heart shattering feeling of hearing that your baby of only 2 short months had a femur fracture that was caused intentionally.

What could our baby have done that made you so mad that you did this to her?! I might never know and that kills me..

I now can’t bathe her like a normal baby.

I can’t let her swim in a pool with her big brother.

I can’t hold my baby and rock her like I use to every night.

A one person diaper change has now become a 2 person diaper change.. having to give our baby girl Tylenol every 4 hours just so she doesn’t feel the immense pain she’s in breaks my heart.

You’re walking around this earth like you’re happy knowing what you’ve done to her but I tell you that justice will be served to you and I pray that you never lay a hand on your own baby the way you did to mine! I hope you stay up every night thinking about what you’ve done to our baby.

Our baby girl has to be like this for up to 8 weeks and can’t even kick her legs like she always did.. because of you our baby is in pain and can’t live her normal life and she’s only been on this earth 2 months.

So parents please watch out for who watches your babies and make frequent visits that they don’t know about because you will never know what happens once you leave.

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