‘My Parents Were Pressured To Abort Me…But I’m Healthy’

A Facebook post by her father (which is no longer publicly available), reads:

“Hi, I’m Jax,

Doctors tried to bully my parents into aborting me three times.

They said my intestines were out of my body – my momma and daddy wouldn’t let them.

They said my legs and feet were deformed and not worth the mothers risk – my momma and daddy wouldn’t let them.

Then they said i had Trisomy 18 and wouldnt live outside of the womb – and my mommy and daddy wouldn’t let them.

Daddy said he didn’t believe them, he said their evidence was pathetic, daddy said I was fine. My mommy agreed.

And went against the will and advice of the top doctors of their field “high risk pregnancy”.

I was born a month early,

  • I’m in the 95+% for everything,
  • My hands and feet are perfect
  • My tummy is just like it is supposed to be
  • I don’t have an extra 18th chromosome
  • I’m almost 7months old now because i was born a month early and
  • I’m fine….

My name is Olivia-Jax, not fetus, not human tissue.

I’m a little girl that my mommy and daddy didn’t give up on and…

I’m fine”

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