10 Time Hotels Shocked Us With Creativity

Now, we have to admit, hotels are not generally known for their creativity. However, from the pencils and the shampoo we always steal to the constant pillow complaints, we all have a hotel routine.

Check out these images below from when hotels embraced these routines and added quirks to make our lives all the easier!!


#1 – When this hotel brilliantly reminded us that dogs are not always the problem…


#2 – When this hotel brilliantly replaced the bedside bible for a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


#3 – When they reminded us that yes, they do clean under the beds too!


#4 – When they reminded us to steal the toiletries 


#5 – When they had a pillow menu, complete with samples!!


#6 – When they had a speed dial for bedtime stories 


#7 – When they embraced the stealing of their pencils 


#8 – When the lamp was able to be half on, half off!


#9 – When the mirror was heated to prevent it steaming up after a shower 


#10 – When they prevented the ruining of any more white towels by providing a special makeup towel

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