chilling read…Can You Imagine Being That Wife?

Imagine your husband loving you so much. Imagine him constantly telling you in front of your family how much he loves you, kissing your forehead and telling everyone what an amazing mother & wife you are.
Both of your social media portrays a perfect family that your friendship groups are in awe of.

Imagine that husband beating shit out of you behind closed doors…covering every part of your body that people don’t see in bite marks, bruises and slicing your skin open.

Sexually assaulting you most nights once your babies were fast asleep but making you believe this is totally acceptable because you married him.

Getting your wages paid into his account and him even filling your car with petrol so you don’t need any access to the money you’ve earned.

Imagine being that wife that is so frightened that if you speak up everyone will think you’re crazy, including your beautiful kind parents because they all think your husband is such a good guy, dedicated to his you and your children.
Imagine having no support network and having your phone bills monitored so in the end you contact me, a total stranger…

….and after months of emails you send me the images of the damage to your body as it happens, so you can delete the evidence and I can save it. I convince you to speak by email to one of my warriors currently under Police Protection to share her story with you, and between us we build you up to confide in a work colleague, that work colleague took you to her female GP, that female GP is a hero in disguise & booked you an emergency appointment with a Domestic abuse service which she personally drove you to in her car…

….and then you saw your support network was so strong that you are actually invinsible, and by talking to people you have learned that what you’ve been subjected to is not ok just because you took your wedding vows…

….and then you took your babies and you fleed, far far away to a safe place…

….and it turns out everyone you thought wouldn’t believe you did, because actually, they saw your husband for what he was the whole time he thought he had them convinced…they just didn’t raise it with you because right now in our society this isn’t something we do…and how very devastating is that.

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