Dad offering $300,000 To Man That Is Willing To Marry His Daughter

Any single men out there looking to get married? A Thai multi-millionaire is now offering a load of money plus his entire estate to whoever marries his 26-year-old daughter.

There’s no catch, he just wants a man who “works hard and makes her happy”. Seems like a simple enough request, right?

Arnon Rodthong, 58, is the owner of a successful durian fruit farm in the Chumphon province, which is in southern Thailand.

His 26-year-old daughter, Karnsita, helps him run the family business. However, he has now taken her future – as well as the business’s – into his hands by promising 10 million Thai Baht, which is $300,000 US to the man she marries.

He’ll also plans on gifting gift his future son-in-law the giant durian farm, which happens to be the largest in the area, and has been valued at several million pounds.

Traditionally in Thailand a man normally pays a dowry for his future wife, but Rodthong has said he’s willing to waive this.

On the subject of offering payment to marry his daughter, Rodthong said, “I want someone to take care of my business and make it last. I don’t want a person with a bachelor’s, or master’s or philosopher’s degree.I want a diligent man. I just want someone with a hard-working attitude. That’s all.”

Rodthong has several other children of his own, including sons, but wants to give everything to Karnsita’s future husband.

“As soon as I have an in-law, I will give up all my assets to him,” he stated.

Karnsita, the potential bride in question, speaks English and Chinese fluently. Apparently she’s never had a boyfriend before, and is still a virgin. She has admitted to being overwhelmed by all the attention she’s received following her father’s very unusual offer.

She has hinted though, that her future hubby may have to work a bit at getting the money from her father. And she has also revealed that she has different plans for it, apparently wanting to use it on herself for “plastic surgery in Korea”.

She’s not mad at her father for his choice to decide on who she marries, although she admitted she was a little “surprised” having heard about it from friends rather than her father himself.

She recounted, “I first found out about my father’s post when my friend’s showed me. I was surprised but I can see the funny side to it, too. It is true that I am still single. If I have to get married with someone, I only want him to be a diligent and good person who loves his family.”

Like father like daughter, hopefully the plan works out well for both of them.

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