Mom posts picture of her nails on Facebook..gets immediate message telling her to seek medical help

Sometimes social media can be a literal life-saver.

Sometimes social media can be a literal life-saver.

It certainly turns out to be the case of 53-year-old Jean Williams Taylor, who uploaded a photo of her nails to Facebook to show everyone how curved they were. Jean thought this was a result of bad genes, but it soon transpired that it was her body’s way of warning her. It wasn’t until she received a message from somebody else on Facebook that the frightening truth began to dawn …

JeanJeannie Williams Taylor Facebook Page

2 weeks ago i posted this pic on my wall asking if anyone had seen nails like this. A few google post later and i was urged to go to the Doctor. A tad extreme i thought….

I was rushed for blood tests and a chest xray, 2 days later i got a phone call to go for a CT scan, 2 days later a PET scan and more blood test, the day later a breathing test on my lungs and a scan on my heart, the day later an MRI scan then a lung biopsy.

After a gruelling 2 weeks, yesterday I got my results…….Cancer in both my lungs !!!!.

When your nails curve its often linked to heart and lung disease and its official term is ” clubbing” i had no idea….Did You ????

Hope this post can help someone else in the early stages of cancer.
Big shout out to the NHS you have been excellent and I thank all the staff that have dealt with my diagnosis.

Jean Williams Taylor didn’t think much of having nails that curved somewhat unnaturally. Her mother – who had died of lung cancer – had them as well, and so Jean believed they’d been passed down through the gene pool.

Jean now wants others to inspect their nails regularly, in a bid to ensure they better understand potential warning signs.

“That feels great,” Jean said. “I have actually got a lot of individuals sending me shares of their nails, however I’m no specialist I have actually just been detected less than 2 days.”

Inspecting your nails

The bottom line is that we all need to be better at putting our health first and being aware of the messages our bodies are trying to deliver.

Your nails can be indicators of more underlying problems than you might believe, so it should always be encouraged that you seek medical advice if you notice anything out of the ordinary. For Jean, it would have been so easy to ignore the message of warning and continue with her life. As it was, she decided not to throw caution to the wind, and I’m sure she thanks her lucky stars that she didn’t.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your body, always get it checked out by a medical professional.

Help us share Jean’s warning by spreading this article on Facebook with friends and family. You never know, you could save someone’s life!


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