No two mothers are the same…And none of them are wrong!!

Some mums drop their kids off at school or childcare in tracksuit pants and ugg boots, hair in the tightest most permanent mum bun possible..

Some mums won’t leave the house unless they are made up, winged eyeliner and all.

Some mums go partying on the weekend, smoke a few cigs and have a few shots.

Some are happiest in front of the TV, chilling and watching Netflix.

Some go get their hair done regularly and their nails too… the longer the better!

Some don’t have time
And some can’t be bothered.

Some have tattoos and wild purple hair
Some don’t…

Some parent gentle and some parent crunchy, cloth nappies and all.

Some parent old school like their parents did for them and
Some don’t ever ever wanna ever be like their parents.

Some want to breastfeed until their baby is 3, and some don’t want to breastfeed at all.

Some have their babies via c-section and some want to birth in a water pool.

Some think parenting is a breeze.

And some write mummy blogs about how she is hiding in the corner scared for her life.

Some mums feel amazing in their own skin, and love every stretch mark, and every perfect beautiful imperfection.

And some want to change their bodies in every way. From their forehead down to their hairy toes (I should know).

Some will spend time on their phone while their kids play at the park,
And Some will helicopter and swoop like a seagull fighting for fish and chips.

No two mothers are the same.

And none of them are wrong.

They might not parent like us, they might not do it the way we do, but doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing.

Im a tattooed mum, who occasionally likes to go out with friends, have a wine, smoke a cheeky ciggie and high five strangers. I spent YEARS hating myself for that, because I thought in order to be good enough I had to do it like someone else told me, or how someone else did it.

The reality is, a mother is someone who loves her child unconditionally, and we all do that. Every mother does that.

All are fighting for the best, all have amazing qualities to offer, all have goals in life. All give every inch of themselves even on days that they had to scream in a pillow.

Every mother has a story, all work hard to make every day for their children a perfect one.

Every mother is strong, she is beautiful and she works hard. And she is just trying to win at parenting, just like all of us.

This post originally appeared on mum on the run

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