Backlash for Dad as he posts letting 100lb Pit Bull sleep in crib with baby


Fear is something that is felt by all. And, during frightening times, it is incredibly difficult not to be anxious. One of the most common results of anxiety in humans would have to be lack of sleep. A person in fear for his life will surely feel afraid to doze off, thinking that something might happen while he is in a state of slumber.

This must be how little, Ady, felt when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit their hometown in Alaska. After the disaster, the toddler could not sleep alone anymore. However, she found a way to adjust with the help of their family’s reliable pitbull, Fury.

Kyle Leary facebook

After the devastating earthquake hit Alaska, Kyle Leary and his family considered themselves fortunate to have escaped unscathed.

However, the repercussions of the event manifested themselves in their daughter, Ady, who developed anxiety and worry that meant she couldn’t sleep alone.

Scared to close her eyes at night without anyone by her side, Ady called her “best friend and bodyguard”, Fury, to cuddle up next to her.

Kyle set up a camera to monitor Ady’s room while she slept, and the footage it captured was truly something special. In the film – which Kyle later uploaded to his Facebook account – Ady can even be seen ‘tucking in’ Fury, covering him with a blanket to make sure he’s warm.

The reaction to Kyle’s video was swift, not everyone agreed with the idea of letting a 100lb dog sleep beside a toddler.

However, Kyle maintains that Fury is a part of the family, and would never cause pain or hurt to his daughter. He believes instead that as Ady grows up Fury will continue to protect and serve her.

As he says: “If you raise them with love, they only show love.”

Watch the video below and let us know your opinion:

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