‘You’re the girl without a tribe. You, my dear, are not broken. People just don’t know how wonderful you are yet.’: Woman urges ‘whatever girl you are, you are not alone’

“​You is smart, you is kind, you is important. Remember that.

We all see them, those groups of girls who have been best friends since high school who are all insanely beautiful and look like they are just doing life better than the rest of us. Always out with each other, in weddings, and their boyfriends are their friends. It’s all just so…cute. It may be difficult to not get jealous.

But know this, that there are far more girls like you, girls who don’t have a ‘tribe,’ girls who have many friends in different circles, or girls who have a few close friends. Who knows, you may have just one best friend and a couple of acquaintances. People who haven’t quite got the pleasure of getting to know just how wonderful you are yet.

Whatever girl you are, know that it is okay. Those groups are amazing too! If you are part of one of those girl tribes, you go, Glen Coco, you go! Because it takes so much work to maintain and nurture relationships for so long.

But today, I am talking to those girls who stand alone, the ones who float from circle to circle, without care. You, my dear, are not broken because you don’t have a large group of girls on your coat tails every Saturday night. It doesn’t make you odd or mean that you are not likable because you don’t hang out with the same people every week.

Look at it as a strength. You are independent, you make your own rain, and you dance to the beat of your own drum. If you make enough music, people will dance. They may dance with you for a season, or for your entire life. Either way, remember that you are not alone in being the girl who migrates without a set knit of friends. There are more girls like you than you realize.”

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